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A wrecker service may be called upon whenever your vehicle has been involved in an accident. It doesn’t matter the condition that your vehicle is in you can always depend on Bakersfield Towing Unlimited to come to your aid. We have tow truck drivers with the ability to effectively haul away your vehicle no matter if it is in one, two or three pieces. With all the pieces, it just might be possible for your mechanic to put the pieces back together again.

This is often why our tow truck drivers will often take longer than usual to attempt to find any missing parts of your vehicle. Those motorists in Bakersfield, CA are already familiar with our towing services, but they may not know that we also have wrecker trucks too. Our certified tow truck drivers are also qualified to handle our wrecker trucks.

Advantages of Using a Wrecker Truck

When you need a wreckage truck to retrieve your vehicle we hope that you’ll consider giving us a call. It doesn’t matter the type of vehicle that you need to have removed we have the ability to effectively remove it for you. Using our wrecker truck makes it possible for us to safely and effectively remove a car that does not have all of its parts.

With a wrecker truck, we’re also able to remove large pieces of your vehicle on our initial visit. Regardless of the condition of your wrecked vehicle, we assure you that a wrecker is a best and most efficient way of transporting it to your mechanic.

Dependable Wrecker Service

With the right type of wrecker, it is possible to have any type of vehicle effectively towed. We have a dependable, experienced tow truck drivers at Bakersfield Towing Unlimited to handle your service needs. With their level of experience, you can be sure that they also pay close attention to exactly how they are connecting your vehicle to the wrecker to ensure it is safely transported to its final destination.

Regardless of what is required to safely transport your vehicle, you can be sure that we will use it. We’re always ready, willing and able to accommodate your requests with our routinely serviced wrecker trucks at Bakersfield Towing Unlimited.

Why Hire Bakersfield Towing Unlimited

Since our wrecker services have been around for such a long time in Bakersfield, CA, this should set your mind at ease about allowing us to handle your wrecker services for you. We’ll treat your vehicle as though it were our very own, which means that we’ll get it safely to wherever you would like.

We offer the fastest most effective wrecker services in the area and that is why many motorists rely on our services whenever they are involved in an accident. If you find yourself in need of a wrecker service unexpectedly, you can always count on the services of our drivers, as they are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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