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Looking for a tow truck company in Bakersfield? You’ve come to the right place. Our company provides towing and wrecker services in Bakersfield, California. We have a fleet of standard dolly tow trucks, flatbed trucks, and full-sized wreckers. Our tow truck company in Bakersfield is centrally located on East Moneta Avenue allowing us fast and centralized access to you. We are a preferred partner with most car insurance companies, we have an excellent reputation, our trucks are clean, and we are always upfront about pricing. We understand that needing a tow is never planned, so we try our best to make you feel safe that help is on the way and that your vehicle will be properly taken care of. Other tow truck companies in Bakersfield use old trucks that will charge less than us, but that definitely comes with a hidden price. Call us for affordable, reliable, and fast towing services in Bakersfield.


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Bakersfield Truck Towing

Truck towing is simple, but reaching you quickly during your time of need requires a bit more than just having a truck!

Anyone who has ever been stranded on a side road or an obscure neck of the woods knows how stressful a car break down can be. Even if you are lucky enough to end up in a familiar, well-lit area close to home, it’s likely that the neighborhood will immediately start to become threatening, just from the inconvenience of it!

This is why Bakersfield Truck Towing exists: to help you get back to business as soon as possible! Sure, we are a group of big guys with thick chains and a powerful truck, but we can also be the rescuers of that day when all the moves went wrong.

Our reliable 24/7 service should be the silver lining of a very difficult day. We strive to be always approachable, to make ourselves available quickly, and to handle the situation without fear or panic. Whether it’s a simple flat tire or if your engine just decided to give in completely, Bakersfield Truck Towing will just be a call away. We are an Emergency Service that can handle your car with military efficiency and your schedule with white gloves.

High-quality service and professionalism are at the core of what we do. CALL NOW – The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can come to your rescue.

What Makes Bakersfield Truck Towing Services Different?

We believe that the key to great service lies in placing ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We know people call us when things didn’t go as planned – we’ve been there, and we know what we would like to happen.

From an honest scheme based on flat fees to available lines and an attentive smile on the other side of the phone, every call we receive is a chance to make things right.

We don’t do cheap service or quality – but we won’t take advantage. Our aim is to get you going as quickly as possible. If you find yourself locked out of your car, with a flat tire, a major breakdown, or an empty gas tank anywhere near or around Bakersfield, California, give us a call.

In addition, we also provide membership-based assistance plans and a series of thoroughly-cultivated partnerships meant to help you get back to your feet. After all, rescue is only the first part of the operation: your car will need to return to being roadworthy as soon as possible. We have spent years building relationships with mechanics, and can help you find a good garage or repair job: that’s a good price and a one-stop-shop service, all in one package.

Are We the Best Truck Towers in Bakersfield?

That will be up to our customers to decide! What we can assure you is that we will try our very best to become so, and we will handle your case as if it were the end-all, be-all of our reputation. We have been doing this for years, and we rely on good referrals!

That being said, a quick round of questions around you may just prove to you that we are the best. But we’ll never rest satisfied!

24-Hour Emergency Services

The best thing about emergencies is that they never happen when scheduled, right on that day when you have nothing pressing to get done. The truck towing business needs champs who are willing to get things done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We can think quickly, figure out addresses neatly, and be ready in a Bakersfield minute. Just give us a call, let us know what happened, and we will begin working on a solution.

Roadside Assistance All Around Bakersfield

Many things can go wrong with your car during the day. Sometimes the flaw is easy to see – but often, the rush and stress can make quick solutions seem impossible.

We know what it’s like to see an ever-growing list of tasks getting put on hold. The fear of having your child with you who needs to get to school. The importance of that meeting you have later.

Our goal is to ensure that car troubles don’t become part of the problem. Our Bakersfield, CA drivers and mechanics will be there in no time to assess the situation.

Empty Gas Canister? Don’t Walk on Your Own!

Whether you borrowed the car to someone who was mildly inconsiderate, or you simply forgot to check let us handle it. Emergency refueling services are always available for Tow Truck Bakersfield Customers.

This is a big part of our business, and we would hate for you to spend more than you ought to. Getting the entire car towed to the nearest garage would be an unwarranted expense after – but we will be happy to help you fix it cost-efficiently.

Locked out? Take a Deep Breath and Call Us

A child crying, a phone call at the wrong time, or even a rascal’s deliberate attempt to rob you can all end up with you outside your own vehicle. No need to wait until it gets dark and scary – or to attempt a radical solution such as a broken window on your own.

Give us a call – we will pack along the tools to ensure you can get back inside without making the damage any bigger.

Dead Battery Services

The scary but unique sound caused by a dead battery is recognizable enough to feature in suspense movies and crime serials. The chances are that the second you hear it and notice that your car is not moving, your heart rate will shoot to the sky.

Cardiologists we are not. We are just a team of drivers and mechanics, but we’ll head over your location right away to give you a jump start.

Flat Tire Changes

Gravel, nails, and even harsh but life-saving maneuvers can all leave you stranded on the side of the road, with a heavily tilted car and one (or more) flat tires. Changing a tire is something that “anyone can do,” but few of us really have the experience to handle.

Things get increasingly more stressful if the clock is ticking, your spare tire is not looking as good as it should, or your big and powerful truck is more than you can lift on your own. Give us a call and watch the nerves immediately melt away. We have a wide variety of tire sizes and models in stock, know all the tips to change it quickly and save you several hours of nail-biting delays over the next few days.

Medium-Duty Towing

Medium duty towing encompasses a wide range of vehicles, from family-worthy vans to small boats. Anytime that anything bigger than a sedan decides to give up in an inconvenient location, you will find that many towers just refuse to handle it.

If you need to move a vehicle around 16,000 – 24,999 pounds, you need a towing truck that has the right kind of muscle. Call Tow Truck Bakersfield to take care of it.

Heavy-Duty Towing

25,000 pounds worth of steel and engines will require special equipment, which the average tower just can’t handle. However, we can. Just give us a call and the specs for your cargo van, crane or bulldozer, and we will help you bring it back home safely.

Scooters, Motorcycles, ATV, and Fun Gear Towing

Scooters and sports motorcycles may be light and technically fit any small towing truck. Are your towers showing it the respect it’s due? Sports and fun gear (from motocross equipment to the occasional kayak) is meant to be used for fun, not to add stress to your life.

Call us, and we’ll move it without damaging it.

Flat Bed Towing Around Bakersfield

Flatbed towing is the unknown cousin of the stressful long distance move. Having to haul your things around over long distances is often a logistical nightmare on its own. This is why most people ignore the issue of flatbed towing until the last minute.

Good thing Tow Truck Bakersfield can handle it quickly.

Limousine Towing

Whether you use your own limousine every weekend or just have your own limousine service, you probably already know all the hurdles of towing one. The extra-long body can be hard to maneuver and can’t be simply “lugged around.” We know how to balance it out and ensure it does not fall on anyone.

Wheel Lifting

Have you ever left your car parked in a perfectly reasonable spot, only to come back a few hours later to find someone has made that spot unreachable? Our wheel lifting services provide a much more efficient option than just waiting around for someone else to move. We can also retrieve big cars and vans from alleyways and obstructed garages.

Motorhome and RV Lifting and Towing

If towing a heavy-duty vehicle is a huge responsibility, imagine what happens if someone’s entire home is inside! This is why a broken down motor home or RV can quickly make a cross-country adventure become a nightmare. Our team has the experience and raw power to handle the task.

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